Additional Services


In this day and age, if you aren't promoting your association and shows on social media - you're missing out on a prime opportunity.  However, doing so can be both time consuming, if you're doing it right, and pointless, if you're not.  Whether you need to start a social media campaign from scratch or if you just need someone to step in and manage an existing page, we've got your back - online and off.


Over the past few years, event live streaming has really gained in popularity.  Dad can't make the show?  Aunt Ruth in California wishes she could see little Julie perform? No problem!  A live video stream, with full or limited audio, can be streamed right to a website or even a social media page of your choice.  This service can be offered as a complimentary, feel-good service or you can leverage it as an event fundraiser or sponsorship opportunity with a variety of options for collecting a fee from viewers.


Another area show managers would be unwise to ignore - event planning.  The horse show world is more competitive than ever right now.  Exhibitors have their show calendars marked up well ahead of time and they can't be everywhere.  Events that are geared towards family fun provide an extra incentive for your exhibitors to keep coming back year after year and are a nice way to say THANK YOU for their business.  Exhibitor dinners and other planned activities may be the last thing on your mind, but not on ours.  Let us bring your vision to life while you attend to the business side of things.


We can't stress this enough - awards will make, or, break your show!  Finding unique, meaningful awards to reward exhibitors for all their blood, sweat, and tears, can certainly be a challenge.  Set a  budget and we'll oversee the process - from purchasing through delivery.


We strive to be the solution for all your horse show needs.  From the show manager, to the announcer, and all the way down to your ringmasters and gate help - we can provide a trained member of our staff to fill any position.

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