Kurtis has had the pleasure of announcing the MHSA All Breed Youth Show the past four years.  This is a 4 day show encompassing both fine and stock horse breeds.  With over 170 classes entering and exiting out of a single gate it takes top notch communication skills to get everyone where they need to be.  Kurtis also works hard to add some fun for the youth exhibitors at the show, coordinating music (oftentimes on the fly) for each exhibitor in the much anticipated costume classes.

Announcing runs in the family - Kurtis' father, Tom Gear, has been announcing horse shows for nearly 30 years.  He is well known on the Michigan Quarter Horse and Ranch Horse circuits, among others.  For many exhibitors and spectators, it is difficult to distinguish between Tom & Kurtis when they are on the mic!

As we've all experienced firsthand, horse shows are a hustle and bustle of activity!  The announcer is the voice of the show and really determines both the pace and the mood.  This goes a long way towards contributing to the success of the show.  An experienced announcer keeps everyone on schedule and the show running smoothly.  They can also help break up the monotony of sometimes looooong show days.​

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Always a great turn out for the costume classes at the Youth Show!