EKG Office Management - Sample All Inclusive Package*

 Before the show:

  • Preparation of judges’ packets including score cards, score sheets, and patterns
  • Processing of pre-entries, if any
  • Set-up of the the show office (computers, printers, etc.)

During the show:

  • 2 or more staff members (including a Show Secretary) provided during all set hours. These staff members are responsible for:
    • Processing entries, ensuring compliance with the rules of the client association and any overseeing state and national associations
    • Class adds & drops
    • Closing out tabs and collecting appropriate funds
    • Addressing exhibitor questions as able
    • Receiving association memberships
    • Communicating with announcer, ring masters, association board members, and other show officials as needed to ensure a smoothly run show
    • Accounting/reconciliation of cash, checks, and other forms of payment to the show report at the  conclusion of each show

 After the show:

  • Submittal of points and paperwork to the overseeing associations
  • Pulling of reports from the show program.  Example reports:
    • Show Financial Report
    • Show Roster
    • Class Entries Report
    • Show High Point Standings
    • Year-End Class Standings 

 *We customize our service offerings to the specific needs of each client.

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