EKG Show Management - Sample All Inclusive Package*

 Before the show:

  • Assistance with show planning, including choosing a venue and show date, showbill development, etc.
  • Show promotion
  • Obtaining show sponsors
  • Hiring of judges, Show Secretary, Announcer, and other show staff
  • Overseeing awards purchasing and event planning

 During the show:

  • Responsibility for vital management decisions, including:
    • When and how to utilize breaks
    • Scheduling arena maintenance
    • Interpreting and enforcing show rules, as well as the rules of any overseeing state/national level associations
  • Act as the point of contact for the show venue
  • Oversee all show staff
  • Handling of any customer service or safety related issues that may occur

 After the show:

  • Ensure all paperwork and points were submitted to the appropriate organizations by the Show Secretary
  • Development and distribution of a feedback survey for show participants & compilation of survey results
  • Detailed analysis of show entries, finances, and trends 

 *The needs of each client vary widely.  

Please contact us to develop the perfect package for your show!