Show Management Services

A full warm-up pen on showmanship day at the 2015 Youth Show.

The first step in setting your horse show up for success is getting the right management team in place.  At the head of this team is the Show Manager.  This person will be present on the show grounds for the duration of the show and at the end of the day is held accountable for...well, pretty much everything!  Sometimes it might make perfect sense to handle this position internally.  But not so fast - Does someone within your organization have the required industry knowledge coupled with practical experience?  Just, if not more importantly, does this person have the right demeanor?  The Show Manager needs to be outgoing and polite of course, but must also be able to hold their ground when necessary.  It WILL happen sooner or later.  See how our experience and soft skills stack up!

Looking for someone to take the management reins?  We can be as involved as you need us to be.  Click here to view a sample Show Management package.

Kurtis and Liz have both been heavily involved in the management of the MHSA All Breed Youth Show the last few years.  The Youth Show caters to 14 different breeds (both stock and fine horse), encompasses 170+ classes, and welcomes over 700 exhibitors and spectators each year.  You could say it is quite the project!